Shannan Leigh Reeve




HOLIDAY HELP DESK                                 Lead (Lauren Windsor)                   Camfisto Films w/ Representation Matters LLC & Beleeve Entertainment

THE INVISIBLE BORDER                             Lead (Tennant)                                  Beleeve Entertainment, Winner 3rd Place at Houston Cinespace 2017

PENUMBRA                                                    Lead (Val Carpenter)                        Beleeve Entertainment, producer Chelese Belmont

INTO THE EQUINOX                                    Lead (Shannon)                                 Ynot/Sin Pelo Entertainment, dir. Rydell Danzie

QUIET (short)                                                   Supporting (Kiley)                            Prod. Susan Posluszny, dir. Lauren Fash

CROSSROADS                                                 Lead (Jane Doe)                                 Ynot/Sin Pelo Entertainment, dir. Rydell Danzie

CROSS                                                               Supporting (Wire)                             Morningstar Films LLC, dir. Patrick Durham

DAYS MISSING                                               Lead (Kestus)                                     Roddenberry Productions, dir. Matt Silverman

BENT                                                                 Co-Star                                                NYU Tisch School, dir. Estafania

KIDNAPPED!                                                   Lead                                                    NYU Tisch School, dir. Kris Brown

JUICE FREAK                                                  Co-Star                                                DU Productions, dir. Johnathan Nagel


JESELNIK OFFENSIVE, The  (Ep. 1.7)          Co-Star (Sister #2)                            Comedy Central, dir. Jeff Tomsic

HIGHER EDUCATION (pilot)                       Co-Star (Prof. Moore)                      Chapman University, prod., Katrina Jameson

UNUSUAL SUSPECTS  (Ep. 1.12)                  Lead (Taunja)                                   LMNO Productions

TRUE TALES OF TERROR:                            Co-Star (Cynthia MaGee)               A&E, dir. Nick Copus

    Dr. Michael Swango


PASSAGE                                                          Series Regular (Ali Prader)                 Representation Matters LLC.

ENTANGLED WITH YOU,  Seasons 1-3     Series Regular (Jen)                          Hardly Working Ent., dir. Caryn K. Hayes

NIKKI & NORA                                               Under 5                                              Tello Films, Nancylee Myatt & Christin Mell

COWGIRL UP,  Season 1 & 2                         Series Regular (Rusty)                     Tello Films, Nancylee Myatt & Courtney Rowe

DIARY of a BLACKWIDOW                         Lead (Esperanza)                              A Y-Not/Timberwolf West Production

MONTECITO HEIGHTS                                Recurring Guest (Shooter)               Loly N Stick Prod., dir. Larry Boodman

PINNACLE HEIGHTS                                    Guest Star (Victoria)                         ICONCOLAST FILMS, dir. Doug Vail

WE HAVE TO STOP NOW                            Recurring Guest (Shauna)               DYNA/KIT Prod., Debuono, Bennett & Dettman


I HATE TOMMY FINCH                                Lead (Alyssa, orig cast)                   Stage 33-Chicago, prod. tellofilms

MOONBITES                                                    Lead (Connie, Maureen & Jean)     Off-Off Broadway, dir. Greg Mullavey

THE INCONSTANT INFECTION                Understudy (Brit)                              NY Fringe Festival, dir. Kristina Leathe

LOOK BACK IN ANGER                                 Lead (Alison)                                     Regional Theatre, dir. Laura Cuetara

EXTREMITIES                                                  Lead (Patricia)                                   Baker University, dir. Laura Leffler


PIRATES DINNER ADVENTURE                 Lead (Princess Anita)                       Buena Park, CA, dir. Christian Stokes

KIDSTUF-NJ                                                     Lead (Sunshine)                                Regional Theatre, dir. Jeremiah Caleb

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW   Supporting (Columbia)                   Flamingos the Arusha, prod. Coga Masto    


TERMINATOR 2:3D                                         Lead (Sarah Connor/Kimberly)     Universal Studios Hollywood dir.Keith Tellez

SLAUGHTER WORLD III                                Supporting (Bambi)                          Universal Horror Nights dir. Michael Laughlin

WATERWORLD                                                Lead (Helen)                                      Universal Studios Japan, dir. Peter Nelson

BATMAN FOREVER                                         Lead (Renee Montoya/Spice)         Six Flags Eliche Garden, dir. Eric Gutterman



Acting: Scene Study w/ Ani Avetyan, Antaeus Theatre Academy, People’s Improv Theatre (NYC), Laura Cuetara (Denver),

Gabrielle Cavellero (Muse Theatre Co./Denver Center Theatre Co.),

Voice:   Napua Davoy (NY), Michael Cassara (NY), Kathryn Maes (Voice & Diction – Denver Center Theatre Co.)

Stunts:  Mark Vanselow & Keith Tallez (L.A.), Peter Nelson & Mark Turly (Osaka), Chad Guerrero & Lance Shahan (Denver)

Special Skills

Dialects (list available on request); Improvisation; Mezzo-Soprano; Acoustic guitar; Gymnastics; Karate, Kick Boxing & Stage Combat; Diver (spring, platform, cliffs, Advanced Open Water Scuba); Yoga & Pilates; Swimmer; Runner (long dist/sprint); Weapons training, rifle, handguns, semi and fully automatic (CA-DOJ permit for AR-15); Juggler (balls, clubs, fire); Spit fire; Rock climber (belay and bouldering); Wire-work; Snowboarder; Automatic, manual and motorcycle driver/license; CO & NY local hire, Valid U.S. Passport